For as little as $250, you can provide a hungry child with a nutritious bag of food every weekend for an entire school year.


Despite federal and state social service programs, too many children in our community have little or no food on weekends. There are countless reasons for kids to go hungry – homelessness, parents out of work, lack of transportation to food banks or food kitchens, or access to kitchen facilities (such as family living long-term in hotel or car). All of these reasons prohibit children from eating regular, nutritious meals over the weekends. These children then return to school on Monday famished, their last meal being their school lunch from the previous Friday.

Your contribution helps ensure that they have adequate food and nutrition through out the weekend.

Donate $250 NOW to make a difference in a child’s life.

Donate ANY amount to Nevada Food For Thought – Every bit helps!

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Food for Thought
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The first day of Summer, the third week of our free summer lunch program and a very special event today for the kids. In addition to the Brewery Arts Center offering Art in the Park to the kids each Monday,Wednesday and Friday today we enjoyed learning about beautiful miniature ponies, a baby goat and some crazy hair chicks. Zoe Cockerill, Director of The Littlest Things brought out her animals for the kids to enjoy. There were lots of wide eyes and questions as the kids learned about the animals. They enjoyed brushing and petting them and exchanged lots of hugs. We were informed of experiences with cartoon ponies and toy ponies, but never real life ponies. This was a great learning experience and for most their first interaction with these types of animals. I am so happy we were able to provide the kids with this experience. Thank you Zoe, Pepper and Dominic for a great time today, we appreciate your kindness. ...

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